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Concert Dates for 2018

25 March. 2pm Rob Richards (U.S.A.)

Rob Richards has been the Walt Disney Company Wurlitzer organist for 16 years. Against considerable artist competition he was employed by Disney to play their Wurlitzer organ installed in the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Rob performs for all Disney film premieres. Prior to his El Capitan appointment he performed for 14 yeras at the Organ Stop Pizza in Arizona. Rob is in constant demand for concerts across the USA. Expect some well-known Disney music.

6 May. 2pm Tony Fenelon (Melbourne)

Tony Fenelon

TONY FENELON, OAM, LMusA is Australia's foremost concert artist and pianist. A teenage piano prodigy he won the 1962 ABC Concerto Competition. Tony displays a wide taste in music genres in concerts with a fine balance between popular tunes and light classics including music from movies, stage shows, jazz and great standards. Tony is an international artist for the Roland Company


17 June. 2pm John Pound (Perth)

JOHN POUND has developed a reputataion as a first class musician on both Roland Atelier and Wulitzer pipe organ. Having a lifelong fascination with electronic organs John worked for Park Pianos. He is now responsible for young people being introduced to the wonders of the keyboard as piano teacher and choir accompanist at Ursula Frayne Catholic College.


12 August. 2pm David Johnston (Melbourne)

David ohnston

David Johnston OAM, was for many years resident organist on the Wurlitzer organ in the Dendy Theatre in Brighton. A long tenure at the Naughty Nineties nightclub has seen David emerge as the consumate entertainer. He will present a sight and sound show using the Wurlitzer titled "Six Decades of Australian Television"



7 October. 2pm Ray Clements and John Fuhrmann (Perth)Ray and John

Ray Clements and John Fuhrmann will be "Together Again" and share a concert. John was MGM organist at the metro Theatre from 1966 to 1973 and is currently house organist at the Cygnet Cinema in Como. Ray played electronic organ in a number of Perth theatres and has played many concerts on the Wurlitzer organ over the past 27 years


4 November. 2pm Simon Gledhill (U.K.)

Simon Gledhill has performed on theatre organs at all the major theatre organ venues in Britain, as well as touring in Germany, Holland, Australia and the USA. He is someone who was born to be a theatre organist. His ability has rightfully earned him the genuine admiration of both audiences and colleagues alike. He has many fine Wurlitzer organ recordings some of which can be heard on YouTube.